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Government to increase jobs in e-commerce sector.

first of all Government is facing criticism of the opposition on the job creation front, The government now wants to increase.

Job creation in the e-commerce sector.

Because of this, he has taken an important decision on e-commerce. Hello everyone Today i am going to talk latest updating news and Trending news latest carrier news.

Almost you reading some important news suggestion.

Industry and Commerce Ministry has issued a draft for e-commerce companies.

In which companies have told that they now keep customers’ data in India.

The data economy policy will be created in the country for collection.

First of all the Government has argued that the data of customers is a national asset and the government has the right to it.

Also, the common platform has proposed. A ban on the delivery of great honor in the name of the gift.

Regulations against all telecom companies except JIO

Reid has said that his business in India has gone through a very bad phase. But now the company’s position is fine and it is planning to invest on the network.

The company can also sell its own circumstances.

Three banks out of the scope of PCA :

government policies to increase employment

RBI has excluded three banks – Allahabad Bank Corporation Bank. about Dhan Lakshmi Bank – from the PCA Framework. due to Reserve Bank has said that these banks have been relegated from the back due to improving.

The financial performance and providing cash to the government.

Now this bank will be able to easily lend and expand its branches.

Fast Breaking News :

High alert issued in UP

After the action taken in POK, high alert has been issued for terror attacks in UP.

Owaisi told Pakistan this when Indian pilot disappeared.

Owaisi tweeted, “Our prayers are with the Brave Pilot.

government policies to increase employment, salman prince

His family of the Air Force in this difficult hour. they wrote.”

Under Article 3 of the Geneva Treaty, each side has to deal with humanitarian inmates.

Whatever the current situation, Pakistan should respect its responsibilities towards the pilot of IAF.

The big blow given by the Modi government to the Arab countries that helped Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Muhammad bin Salman.

(saudi prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud) is coming to India.

On Tuesdays after paying Saudi Arabia for billions of dollars.

But a day before that, India has given a great shock to the Arab countries.

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